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The Chicago East Loop Back-up Center is conveniently located on "The Magnificent Mile" in Downtown Chicago. We share a building with Argosy University, the Fox television network, and CVS Pharmacy. We are in the heart of the Michigan Avenue shopping district. Millennium Park is just a block away and The Art Institute of Chicago is also within walking distance

Bright Horizons Chicago East Loop (225 N. Michigan Ave- Lake St.)

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Our School-Age Program

Guiding children to experience their world and pursue their interests

We provide school-age child care for school holidays, school closing days, summer day camp or when there is a need for back-up or emergency care. In our school-age program, we provide children with the opportunity to live, learn and socialize in a relaxed setting outside of school.

We offer a wealth of enrichment activities that engage the interests of school-age children. You may find school-age children creating a magazine or a video, playing chess or shooting hoops, tutoring each other or forming a club. Teachers are there alongside, facilitating, guiding and understanding that learning does not have to take on the tone and texture of a school day but rather be filled with fun.

Come see all the fun and exciting activities happening at East Loop:

School-age Activity Calendars:

Click on each month to view the activity calendars:

School-Age Classroom Monthly Calendars:

What to bring/What We Provide:

Comfort items such as books, stuffed animals, blankets, etc. are acceptable.

We allow items such as iPods, CD players, video game systems and other such toys, but cannot be held accountable for them. We ask that parents label such items and speak with your child regarding the responsibility of the items, (no sharing).

Extra Clothing:
Sometimes we get messy so bringing extra clothes is an option.

We provide a morning and afternoon snack.  We also provide organic 2%  and whole milk.

lunch Options:
You may take your child out for lunch or purchase a $6 catered lunch.

Food2You Catering
Lunch & Snack Menus:
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If you child requires a vegetarian or special instructions due to allergies or preferences, Please let us know 24 hours prior to reservation.

Our center is a “Peanut Safe Zone,” and we ask that you please refrain from bringing any item into the center that contains peanut butter or peanut products.

Child Items:
Please make sure all items from home are labeled with your child’s first and last name and the date.

If your child requires medication, we will administer prescription medication with a prescription label on the  container stating the doctor’s specific instructions and dosages. You will need to fill out a Medication Authorization form; talk to staff for more details.

What Parents are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

"The Staff at backup is excellent. My son only goes 3-4 times a year, yet they know who he is when we get there. They are awesome. He has gone there since he was 2 and he's now 10 and still likes going there. "

Our Curriculum Components

Engaging opportunities for play and discovery.

  • Language Works Tackling homework assignments, reading chapter books, engaging in long conversations with teachers and peers.
  • Math Counts Measuring weight, length, and volume, using math to solve problems.
  • Science Rocks Investigating forces of nature, developing hypotheses and conclusions, using computers, magazines, and books to explore the world.
  • ArtSmart Studying great artists, individual exploration of performance arts including dance, singing, musical instruments, and drama.
  • Our World Exploring diverse cultures, showing interest in finding solutions to issues of discrimination and injustice, becoming involved in service projects.
  • Well Aware Taking responsibility for a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and healthy eating, participating in extracurricular activities including team sports and dance.

Learning at Home

Family Band Kazoos

You Will Need:

Empty paper towel rolls, rubber bands, waxed paper


Work with your child to create kazoos. Using rubber bands, attach a piece of waxed paper over one end of each paper towel roll. Poke 2 or 3 small holes into the waxed paper. With one kazoo, demonstrate by putting your mouth over the open end to produce different sounds and have your child do the same!


Family members can make different instruments, too, and create a band or have a parade

More Ideas