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The Chicago East Loop Back-up Center is conveniently located on "The Magnificent Mile" in Downtown Chicago. We share a building with Argosy University, the Fox television network, and CVS Pharmacy. We are in the heart of the Michigan Avenue shopping district. Millennium Park is just a block away and The Art Institute of Chicago is also within walking distance

Bright Horizons Chicago East Loop (225 N. Michigan Ave- Lake St.)

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Our Preschool Program

Engaging children intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially

Our preschool classrooms focus on children’s newly emerging skills and advanced use of language, math, and scientific thought. Multi-disciplinary learning centers encourage individual skills and emerging interests in academics and creative expression.

Our curriculum stimulates each child’s innate curiosity and exploratory nature to prepare children for lifelong learning.

Come see all the fun and exciting things happening at East Loop:

Preschool Classroom Activity Calendars:

What to bring/What we provide:

We will provide a morning and afternoon snack.  We also provide organic 2% and whole milk.

Lunch Options:

You may take your child out for lunch or purchase a $5 catered lunch. 

No outside food or drinks.

Allergies or Vegetarian Choices:
Please let us know 24 hours prior to your reservation.

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Lunch & Snack Menus:
Click here for our Menus

Our center is a “Peanut Safe Zone,” and we ask that you please refrain from bringing any item into the center that contains peanut butter or peanut products.

Child Items:
Please make sure all items from home, are labeled with your child’s first and last name and the date.  All medication must be given to the teacher at drop-off.

Potty Training:
If your child is in diapers or potty training, please bring diapers (at least 5), wipes and an extra change of clothes including underwear, socks, shoes, pants and a shirt.

If your child requires medication, we will administer prescription medication with a prescription label on the container stating the doctor’s specific instructions and dosages. You will need to fill out a Medication Authorization form.

What Parents are Saying

Our greatest advocates are also our closest friends.

"Bright Horizons has created a wonderful environment for our children to grow and thrive. I am grateful knowing that my son is developing in a safe, healthy, and happy place surrounded by an outstanding staff. Your positive attitude and ability to connect with the kids makes every day better."

Our Curriculum Components

Engaging opportunities for play and discovery.

  • Language Works Talking, questioning, beginning to write and identify letters and numbers.
  • Math Counts Counting, sequencing, developing 1-to-1 correspondence.
  • Science Rocks Examining, comparing, planting, and caring for gardens.
  • ArtSmart Drawing, brush painting, exploring music, dance, and dramatic arts.
  • Our World Appreciating diversity, becoming environmentally conscious.
  • Well Aware Taking part in exercise and yoga, preparing and eating healthy foods.

Learning at Home

Family Band Making Tambourines

You Will Need:

Paper plates, beans, rice, small pebbles, paint, and stapler


Have your child paint or decorate the bottom (underside) of two plates. Face the plates together and help your child staple around the perimeter. After the plates are mostly attached to each other, he can fill them with beans, rice, or small pebbles to make tambourines. Finish stapling them together so that the beans or rice do not spill out. You and your child can take turns shaking and tapping out rhythms.


Notice and comment on the difference in sounds between rice, beans or perhaps small pebbles. Watch for choking hazards at all times when using any small items. Each family member can make a different instrument and all together, you can create a band and/or have a parade.

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